It is a well-known fact that men are more predisposed to suffering from heart disease than women. Notwithstanding, this problem should be taken into account by women as well. This is a severe challenge for them as well and there are registered many lethal cases in women who suffered from different types of cardiovascular disease.

Heart Disease

Women control themselves less than men, especially when it comes to cardiovascular health. This is suggested by a new study by members of the George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney (official website), the results of which are particularly worrying, especially considering that more women than men die each year from cardiovascular disease. Together with, our site is spreading awareness about conditions leading to heart diseases, their prevention and treatments.

In order to prevent the occurrence and development of this horrible disease, one should study this matter more closely. Thus, the first step is to identify the common symptoms. In most occasions, these are heart and chest pain sensation, angina, increased blood pressure and similar conditions. Nevertheless, women may experience some other problems. For women, these symptoms are as follows:

  • Discomfort of various severity in various parts of the body (including neck, shoulder area, upper back or abdominal parts);
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Pain sensations in one or both arms;
  • Digestion complications;
  • An increased sweating;
  • Lightheadedness;
  • Unconventional weakness;

The mentioned above health conditions do not have such acute forms like a pain in chest and other more serious symptoms. Nonetheless, if you feel them on a constant basis you should obligatorily pass some medical tests to make sure that they are not associated with heart attacks. In most occasions, these symptoms are more obvious while great laboring. Nonetheless, women may suffer from them even during their resting hours.

The Conventional Risk Factors

When making allowances for the most common factors that lead to cardiovascular disease, one should name high levels of cholesterol, increased blood pressure and obesity. These risk factors are typical for both genders. Nonetheless, women become more vulnerable to this condition when having other health ailments and deviations.

Diabetes sufficiently worsens all possible health problems associated with heart ailments. Moreover, it can be a reason to develop the disease. Women become frequently tired and need much time to recover.

Mental ailments are the next common risk factors. Depression and stress violate the proper blood streaming in the heart. The scientists identify the so-called syndrome of the broken heart syndrome. Excessive work of the cerebrum and changes of natural chemicals lead to heart muscle failure.

Menopause and pregnancy are the rare risk factors that can be met only in the case of women. During these periods or after them, women live through a huge alteration of their hormone levels. This always has some consequences. Some of them affect the proper work of the heart. As the result, they start suffering from an increased blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels, fatigue, and some other illnesses. In addition, that pregnant women suffering from heart complications endanger the health of their children. Amongst other risk factors, one may mention smoking, an inactive way of life and various inflammatory ailments.

How to Reduce the Hazard of Cardiovascular Disease?

Fortunately, the modern science and medicine have created some preparations and methods that can overcome this disease or reduce its negative consequences. The most common and obvious recommendations are to quit all negative habits, maintain healthy and proper weight, exercise on the regular basis, consume healthy products.

When taking any remedies, a woman ought to be totally sure that they will not affect her heart functions. It is necessary to ask an expert for the piece of advice on this matter. Each disease should be treated in a safe way considering all possible risk factors.

Post Author: Kriss Anderson

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